ENIGMA 2000 Sound Samples   -   Oddities & Misc.

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Buzzsaw   "Buzzsaw"   Unclassified by E2k   5250kHz   2000z   09 Jan01   [DoK]   (12Kb)

S28   S28 [XB]   "The Buzzer" UVB-76   4625kHz   2125z     15 July98   [AnonNI]   (15Kb)

XC   "The Crackle"   5308.5kHz   2205z   01 Jan04   [PLondon - found by Gert]   (33Kb)

XF   "Fader"   5788kHz   0050z   11 Nov00   [CM ENIGMA]  (18Kb)

XFR   "Frogs"   [Mike of Kent]  (40Kb)

XJT   "Jet"  (STANAG 4285 2400bd NATO)  6825kHz   1900z   08 Aug12   [BR]  (60Kb)

XM   "Backwards Music Station [Whales]"   5178kHz   2045z   28 Jun98   [AnonNI]   (25Kb)

XM   "Backwards Music Station [Whales]"   8708kHz   [see Msg 10556] (31Kb)

XSL   "Slot Machine"   [sender of recording unknown]   (9Kb)

XSW   "Squeaky Wheel"   3828kHz   0001z   05 Jan02   [PLondon]   (22Kb)

XSW   "Squeaky Wheel" with message   [MPetrakis]  (29Kb)

XW   "Workshop"   5430kHz   1744z   11 Nov00   [Tansy]   (30Kb)

XWP   "Wopwop"   9250kHz   1040z   04 Jan02   [PLondon]   (6Kb)

XWP & XM   XWP with XM in background   6820kHz   2142z   09 Mar04   [PLondon]  (30Kb)

B Marker   "Russian 'B' Marker"   5292.5kHz   2219zz   08 Mar15   [JPL]   (56Kb)

For detailed profiles of many of these Oddities see  Mystery Stations of the Short Wave

Number Station Clashes / Mixing.

M23 & E11a   Clashing on   5344/5345kHz   1605z   23 Feb 2021   [BR]  (160Kb)

E06 & S06     Clashing on   6793kHz   1730z   01 Mar 2015   [G0RGV]  (75Kb)

V02a & M12   Clashing on   5883 / 5884kHz   0730z   15 Nov 2012   [PLdn]  (32Kb)


Crackle (Slow)   UNID Crackle   14830kHz   1100z   08 Sep 2012  [Fox]  (60Kb)

Crackle (Fast)   UNID Crackle   14830kHz   0740z   11 Sep 2012   [BR]  (60Kb)

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