ENIGMA 2000 Sound Samples   -   Morse & Polytone Stations

All samples on this page are in MP3 format.


M01   Start sequence   ID 463   [AnonUK]   (66Kb)

M01   Full Msg   ID 025   5280kHz   1800z  07 May 2019  [BR UK]   (760Kb)

M01a   10233kHz   0609z   06 Mar18     Call 354 with Msg. (Pauses cut)  [E.SMITH]   (837Kb)

M01a   9447kHz   0545z   29 Mar19     Call 143  [E.SMITH]   (1,030Kb)

M01b   Start   ID 866   3195kHz   2002z   07 Feb 2020   [BR UK]   (318Kb)

M01b   Start & Ending   ID 364   Using M01 'Two-tone' tx   13 May 2019   [BR UK]   (580Kb)

M03   M03 Morse Sample   [AnonUK]   (71Kb)

M07   M07 Start Morse Sample   [AnonUK]  (198Kb)

M07   M07 Ending Morse Sample   [AnonUK]  (117Kb)

M08a   M08a Start Morse Sample   5800kHz   0600z   03 Dec09  [BR UK]  (106Kb)

M10   6780kHz   0410z   01 July03 [  PLondon]  (86Kb)

M10e   Morse Equiv. of S10e   5020kHz   0900z   19 Nov00   [Slavic Desk]   (19Kb)

M12   Start   ID 887   18369kHz   2200z   07 Feb 2020 [BR UK]   (164Kb)

M12   Null msg   ID 923   10212kHz   2230z   27 Apr 2019 [BR UK]   (192Kb)

M13   M13 Morse Sample   [AnonUK]   (101Kb)

M14   M14 Msg Start & Ending   Oct08     [BR UK]   (124Kb)

M23   333 - Ends without Msg  6806kHz   1630z   20 Mar10     [BR UK]   (77Kb)

M23   3OS - Alphanumeric Call   5345kHz   1820z   22 Oct20     [BR UK]   (331Kb)

M23   SET - Three letter Call   8166kHz   1543zz   23 Oct20     [BR UK]   (330Kb)

M24   M24 Morse Sample   [AnonUK]   (98Kb)

M29   5310kHz   0700z   20 Jan03   [AnonUK]  (71Kb)

M40   5715kHz   1500z   15 Mar09 [Posted by T]  (405Kb)

M45   M45 Msg Start & Ending   4555kHz   1802z   18 Mar10 [BR UK]  (296Kb)

M51   M51 Msg Start / End & start next msg   5890kHz   2250z   11 May12 [BR UK]  (277Kb)

M56   with "99 11202"   4007kHz   1805z   27 Feb04   [AnonUK]   (229Kb)

M76   Start   " TENG de 26VA QTC 243 29 = "   3280kHz   0400z   29 Mar16   [BR]   (112Kb)

M89   " V 7NPE DE QV5B " Loop   7582kHz   0445z   04 Jun12   [Via Hong Kong]   (116Kb)

M89   " VVV Q2M DE NYZ " Loop   6840kHz   2320z   06 Jun12   [Via Hong Kong]   (108Kb)

M93   M93 Morse Sample   [AnonUK]  (97Kb)

M97   M97 Full Msg   10375kHz   1500z   21 Dec12   [Via Hong Kong]   (256Kb)

M901   M901 Full Msg   16720kHz   0810z   25 Jan14   [BR UK]  (343Kb)

M912b   M912b   M12 Variant.   10250kHz   2040z   13 Mar14   [BR UK]  (256Kb)

Polytone   (XP Family)

Samples for audio recognition only which due to compression may not decode correctly.

X06   X06   Mazielka  Sequence 421635  [RNGB]  (91Kb)

X06   X06   Mazielka  Sequence 164532  [Contributor Unknown] (80Kb)

XP   Part sending   0700z   14 Mar03  [PLondon]  (30Kb)

XPA (10bd)   11559kHz   0620z   15 Sep12  [355 1 (With msg)]   [BR UK]   (134Kb)

XPA (20bd)   6971kHz   2020z   06 Sep05  [197 1 00906 00113]   [PLondon]   (911Kb)

XPA2   Demo 10grp msg - adapted from 11593kHz   1420z   24 Oct07   [PLondon]

XPH   Full transmission of null message   [PLondon]  (133Kb)

XPL   XPL   [AF]  (139Kb)

XPM   XPM   [ AnonUK]   (107Kb)

Piccolo   Piccolo sample (Historic)  [As used by DWS]   [AnonUK]   (72Kb)

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