ENIGMA 2000 Sound Samples   -   English & German Language

All samples on this page are in MP3 format.

English Language

E03   Linconshire Poacher   (93Kb)

E03a   Cherry Ripe   23461kHz   1000z   24 Dec99   (81Kb)

E03a   Cherry Ripe Ending   20610kHz   0743z   29 Oct09   [EW]  (165Kb)

E05   Counting Station   6970kHz     22 Jun02   [PLondon]  (58Kb)

E06   English Man   Start & Ending   9061kHz   0030z   03 July10   [BR UK]  (169Kb)

E06   (Voice Variant)  8170kHz   1700z   11 Sep03  [RNGB]  (115Kb)

E07   English Man   9370kHz   0700z   12 Dec03   [PLondon]  (XP in background)   (92Kb)

E07a   English Man (Null msg)  6832kHz   1630z   10 Jan14   [BR]  (128Kb)

E09   'Magnetic Fields'  Full Transmission   11290kHz   0920z   30 Nov 1996   [Gert]   (532kb)

E10   Phonetic Alpha   5530kHz   1840z   15 July08   [PLondon]  (103Kb)

E11   Oblique Message   Note pronunciation of FIVER & NINER   [RNGB]   (58Kb)

E12   'NNN'   Start of message.   4644kHz   2100z   04 Oct 1996   [Gert] (80Kb)

E15   18000kHz   1100z   29 Oct97   [AnonUK]  (30Kb)

E17   English Lady   12000kHz   0200z   07 Aug00   [BM US]  (58Kb)

E17z   (674 Variant)   11170kHz   0800z   04 Nov04   [AnonUK]  (150Kb)

E17z   English Lady  12850kHz   1500z   06 Oct14   (5 grp msg) [G0RGV]  (224Kb)

E18   Edna Sednitzer   6545kHz   2045z   12 Apr01   [PLondon]  (31Kb)

E22   Commercial - All India Radio Engineering Test  - Not a Number Station   (29Kb)

E23   Swedish Rhapsody   8188kHz   1157z   05 Aug99   [AnonUK]  (92Kb)

E25     9450kHz   1336z   12 Mar05   [Manolis-Crete]  (251Kb)

E27   (Mixing with E10)   6840kHz   2045z   10 Jan07   (141Kb)

German Language

G04   3-Note Oddity   4520kHz   2105z   05 Mar00   [E2K German Desk]  (86Kb)

G06   German Lady   13530kHz   0753z   24 Mar10   [Hans - Norway]   (122Kb)

G07   German Lady 000 000   8173kHz   2010z   31 July00   [Gert]   (87Kb)

G11   Strich 508/00   6940kHz   0730z   24 Oct07   [PLondon]  (30Kb)

G22   Edna Siditzer   4031kHz   2300z   17 Jan02   [Gert]  (55Kb)

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